The (Video)Art of Kissing

I am attending the Film Summer School “Cinéma & Art Contemporain 3 / Cinema & Contemporary Art 3“, hosted by the Université Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3 from June 28th to July 9th 2010. My paper continues the reflections I started at CUNY in New York City on a philematology of moving images, that is, the science or the art of experiencing a cinematic kiss. By adopting both an aesthetic and an experimental-psychological perspective, I take into consideration a corpus of significant recent video artworks and I analyze the modalities in which the spectator experiences the sensuous sense of the kiss. The figures of the shadow, the veil, and the glass as surfaces of mediation between the kissers reveal an intimate implication between contact and separation, visibility and invisibility, transparency and opacity, private and public dimension.

First Kiss
by Costel Chirila and Ioan Pricop (2005)

The Kiss by Denise Callender, Neil Hunt and Kye Wilson (2006)

Le baiser/Il bacio by Luca Serasini (2006)

My lecture has been video recorded and you can watch it here.


One Reply to “The (Video)Art of Kissing”

  1. My paper has been published as “The (Video) Art of Kissing. Notes for a Philematology of Moving Image”, in the book edited by Elena Biserna and Precious Brown, Cinema, Architecture, Dispositif, Campanotto, Udine 2011, pp. 350-357.

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